Keratin Station One Shot Kit 2 oz.

The perfect size for perfect hair

Our top quality smoothing system for one time use. The one shot kit is the ideal way to experience all the benefits of Keratin Station.

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1_Keratin Station Advanced 32 oz

Keratin Station Advanced 32 oz
Only for professional use

Smoothing System

Leaves hair frizz-free, beautiful and healthy for many months. It is the most versatile of all treatments. Soften and relaxes frizzy hair and damaged hair will look shiny, healthy and manageable. Recommended for those with extremely tight curls and for hair types that are medium textured to very coarse or resistant. But also can be applied in the correct proportion for types of hairs fine to slightly medium textured. Creates luminous shine.

2_Clarifying Shampoo 32 oz

Clarifying Shampoo 32 oz
Only for professional use

Deep cleans down to the hair cuticle. This shampoo will remove all build up on the hair getting hair ready to receive Keratin Station Advanced Treatment. Removes impurities and residue that cling to the hair shaft. Advanced timed PH elevating technology opens the cuticle for optimum results.

3_Nourishing Daily Shampoo 8 oz

Nourishing Daily Shampoo 8 oz

This unique shampoo increases the longevity of the Keratin Treatment, puts Keratin back into the hair to keep it shiny & healthy, does not contain Sodium Chloride. Hair stays super smooth, effortlessly frizz-free, shiny, straight and healthy.

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4_Deep Moisturizing Conditioner 8 oz

Deep Moisturizing Conditioner 8 oz

Designed to complement the Keratin Station Advanced Smoothing System. Extends the life of your Keratin in your hair. It will coat the cuticle, adding Keratin & Collagen. Formulated to work with the Keratin Treatment after using the Keratin Shampoo. Does not contain Sodium Chloride.

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5_All in One Hair Therapy 8 oz

All in One Hair Therapy 8 oz

This is one of the most amazing products for the human hair, it will give: Frizz Control, Shine, Silkiness, Volume, Hydration, Color Enhancing, Detangling, Hair breakage protection, Thermal Protection against irons, Split ends mending. Add shine and movement with a healthy look. It is a fantastic revitalizing botanical infusion.

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6_ Hair Mask 8 oz

Hair Mask 8 oz

Intensive Treatment

Good for all hair types. This Deep Treatment Revitalizing Masque will repair and strengthen weak, damaged hair. Deeply penetrating the hair shaft, it increases moisture retention & helps your hair color rich and vibrant.

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