What is a Keratin Treatment Process? How does it work?

Posted on: Wednesday, December 23rd, 2015  In: Blog, Hair Products, Smooth Hairs

keratin treatment process

As a Keratin user it is important to be aware of the treatment you are giving to your hair and what’s involved in the process.

Keratin is the basic and principal component protein that makes up hair. The base of the hair follicles is formed by epithelial cells, which are responsible of hair growth and pigmentation. This is the reason why applying keratin helps and protects your hair. They are also part of the outer layer of your skin as well as your nails and tongue. The word itself comes from Greek keras meaning horn or horn-like not surprisingly found in the impala’s horn.

The process applied to your hair with a keratin smoothing treatment starts by washing with a clarifying shampoo and performing blow-dry afterwards. This clarifying shampoo frees your hair of overloaded silicones and hair products; it helps it to be chemical-free and allows it to be receptive for the keratin absorption. The stylist will then apply the keratin product and comb your hair to spread it thoroughly. Applying the protein to your hair opens up the “pores” in your hair and stays within it after a second blow dry. To seal the keratin in those open “pores” the stylist uses a flat iron fixing the keratin in your hair.

Depending on the type of product applied to your hair the stylist may do either of these two steps. In the first case they will wash the product off after using a hydrating treatment and then it will be blow dried and flat ironed again. In the other scenario the stylist will not rinse it out and instead you will have to leave the product on your hair for a couple days. During these days there are some important guidelines for the product to work successfully. You should not dampen your hair, do not put it in a ponytail or use any pins, clips or these will change your hair shape and will remain like that for the whole time. Finally, avoid the application of other products because they interfere with the treatment results.

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