Before and After

Keratin Smoothing Treatment Testimonials

My last application was on December 29th, I haven't had the need to iron and I use a blow dryer only for special occasions. I love it!!!!!!

Sarah Nouel - After 7 Months
Miami, FL

I was never into getting a keratin treatment. I tried it because I heard good things about Keratin Station. Now I have to say IT IS THE BEST!!! In just a couple of minutes in the morning my hair looks just perfect.  During the application process it didn't smell and didn't itch. I just love it, my hair feels soooo different.

Carolina F.
Miami, FL

Keratin Station is awesome. Excellent results after washing my hair, I can really see the difference. My hair is brighter, more silky, easier to style and without frizz. I recommend it 100%. While i was getting it done it didn't smell or bothered me with a strong smell or itch in my eyes.

Sarah Nouel
Miami, FL

Perfect! Love it! I love this Keratin Treatmemt, actually i love everything. Looking forward to my second keratin treatment; highly recommend 100%.

Claudia Reyes
Bradenton, FL

Absolutely love the keratin station treatment... In addition to how healthy and skinny your hair looks and feels you have the added benefit off no FRIZZ- yay! Your hair is easy to manage and definitely cuts down on the time need to style your hair!

Bernadette W.
Sarasota, FL

My hair turned out sleek, shiny with no waxy,residue. It also stays beautifully straight with no puffyness or frizziness. This has cut so much time out of my morning routine. I would highly recommend it;it not only help with the frizz, it changed the feel of my hair. My hair is smoother and it feels so much healthier.

Patricia G.
Sarasota, FL

My hair looks so great after Keratin Station. It is so smooth and easy to dry. I love that it stays beautiful even if there is a lot of humidity.

Sarasota, FL

My hair is so manageable after the treatment. It cutted drying time from 45 minutes to 5 minutes. It is amazing.

Washington, DC

I am so happy and surprised at how great the keratin station, straightening treatment works. So easy to blowdry and even go without having to flat iron your hair, saving time, love it.

Carol R
Sarasota, FL

Absolutely love this treatment! My hair feels so amazing and healthy . The time i spend on styling it has cut in half and i don't even have to blow dry it. The frizz is completely gone.

Danielle H
Sarasota, Florida

I am very satisfied with the product, I was surprised during the application of the treatment the mild and pleasant aroma that had. The results are amazing, the hair is smooth, with lots of shine and best of all I forget the Frizz, in the past had used other keratins and had never been like this, I highly recommend it.

Weston, Florida

Since I got the keratin "Keratin Station" my hair is much more silky and manageable, the frizz has disappeared and I manage it without difficulty. When I brush it with a dryer, leaves it as a waterfall of silk. I highly recommend this keratin hair products and that for those who do not have straight hair makes our life much easier.

Madrid, Spain

My hair is normally dry and bright less, since I had my Keratin Station treatment, it was a complete change, now my hair looks bright, healthy and no frizz at all!!! I don’t even use blow-dryer or iron just leave it natural and I look nice every day, I really recommend this Keratin Station without any doubt.

Madrid, Spain

I started using Keratin Station because my hair is really curly and hard to manage. I've been using it now for about 3 years and it just makes my life so easy. My hair looks totally different, it's so soft and manageable. I just have to wash it and blow dry it and that's just it, I couldn't be happier. Hands down Keratin Station!

Miami, FL

On July 20, I decided to use the product Keratin Station. 4 days later when I washed my hair I only had to blow dry it using my hands and it looked amazing, also it didn't take me so long, and when I went out (since where I live is really humid) l didn't have to worry at all because it didn't  get mess up. Being my first time using the product, my hair it's not completely straighten but I have noticed the changes, it doesn't get frizzy and when I blow dry there is no need to use the iron. I highly recommend this product.

Miami, FL